RVFAV 0,6 / 1kV 1×300 K AL


RVFAV 0,6 / 1kV  are used for the transport and distribution of low voltage electricity. Their use is recommended for industrial connections, service connections, internal distribution and outdoor connections. They can be used in underground networks and permanent installations. The metal band provides greater protection against mechanical aggressions and the action of rodents.


Product Attributes

Weather Resistant | Halogen Free | Frost Resistant | Solar Product Related | Temperature Resistant | UV Resistant |

ConductorAluminium conductor (300 mm2), class 2 according to IEC 60228.
InsulationCross-linked polyethene insualtion, type XLPE
Seperation SheathExtruded PVC seperation sheath
ArmourDouble aluminium tape armour (0,5mm of thickness), hellically over the separation sheath
Outer SheathPVC outer sheath, type ST2 according to IEC 60502
Identification of CoresNatural
Outer Sheath's ColourBlack
Cable MarkingTOP CABLE POWERHARD F AL RVFAV 0,6 / 1KV 1 x 300 K AI IEC 60502 CE amd metro
Weight1.509 Kg/Km
Overall Diameter33,0 mm
CommentsThis type of cable is designed, manufactured and tested according to IEC 60502-1