About IEWC


Shine brighter with IEWC and our full line of wire, cable and wire management products for manufacturers and sub-assemblers throughout the solar industry.

The solar energy market is growing worldwide due to environmental concerns, government support in many countries, improved solar technology and efficiency and declining installation costs. The Western European market has lead the way in solar installations, particularly Germany and Italy, but China and the United States are experiencing rapid growth and may eclipse Europe by the end of the decade. Solar applications are offered for utility, commercial and residential, with all three areas experiencing solid growth.

Solar applications bring their own set of challenges with wire, cable and wire management product selection. First and foremost are weather related issues. Components must be UV-rated to withstand years of harsh sun exposure. The same goes for exposure to dust, especially in desert installations. Finally, due to the remote location of most installations, downtime must be minimized at all costs to keep the arrays running efficiently. The wire, cable and wire management products you choose play a critical role in the reliability and performance of your equipment.

IEWC UK stocks a full line of wire, cable and wire management products for installers and system integrators throughout the solar industry, from 4kW domestic installs to 30mW solar farms. <l;”>IEWC has the right product for the application, with off-the-shelf availability ensuring quick delivery and the best cost available.

Please find additional details below about IEWC’s wide selection of solar products. For further information, please do not hesitate to call Andrew Emery on 0870 6091257 or email on aemery@iewc.com.