Push Energy invites IEWC to their Boxted Solar Site

Push Energy kindly invited a number of IEWC employees to one of their open days to show them the progress that’s being made for the site, Boxted Airfield,  which is due to start generating in March 2015.  Andrew Emery, the IEWC Renewables Category Manager and Mark Whitehouse, the EMEA Marketing Manager arrived early at 8am to be met by the team from Push Energy and were handed warm bacon rolls and hot tea and coffee to fend off the chill in the February air.

After introductions had been made the invited guests were given a guided tour of the whole site and how the process of creating such a large complex engineering project has to micro-managed to ensure all time scales are met.  The site itself is an old WW2 airfield which required a little more attention before work could start, as Push Energy needed to be 100% sure all old ordnance had been removed.  Although this task had already been undertaken when the airfield was closed, as part of the pre-build requirements specialist teams were brought in to go over the entire site again.

The site itself covers 56.2 Acres and is able to house 73,728 solar panels which have a value themselves of £7.5m!  During the build over 12,500 piles have been driven into the ground to support the panels and over 340km of DC and AC cable has been laid.  The site has 8 containerised transformer/inverter stations and two high voltage substations to feed into the grid.

Once complete and fully generating the solar farm will generate enough power for 4,230 homes for an entire year and will save 10,340 tonnes of CO2 being produced every year!

This is all completed within a 15 week construction period!

IEWC would like to thank Push Energy for their hospitality and look forward to working with them throughout 2015 to supply them with all their cable requirements with up and coming projects.


 Our carriage for the tour!